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Step 13: Seats and Belts

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Step 13: Seats and Belts Empty Step 13: Seats and Belts

Post by GMinehart Tue May 10, 2016 2:04 pm

Donor car seats and belts can be used, as well as aftermarket ones. We understand NB seats are slightly smaller than NA seats, and will be easier to fit in the Stalker MX5 chassis. The Miata seats, due to their thickness, will put you higher in the car than most racing seats, and the steering wheel will need to be higher in order to obtain clearance to the driver's legs. This will also impact the location of the gauges. Our prototype MX5 has the Miata seats, the raised steering wheel and gauge cluster. Making the gauge cluster fit is more work than if the wheel is set lower, for use with the racing seats. The decision on which seats you are going to be used should be made before ordering your chassis. You can always fit the racing seats later, if you choose the raised wheel and gauge configuration. The converse is not necessarily the case.

If you are using the car for autocross or other motorsport, racing harnesses are recommended. Racing seats are also recommended for this type of use, as they will hold you in place better under high lateral G forces.


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