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Stalker V6 Oil Filter Housing

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Stalker V6 Oil Filter Housing Empty Stalker V6 Oil Filter Housing

Post by comled on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:57 pm

If there are any current or former Stalker V6 builders out there, can I pick your brains about your choice of oil filter housing on the GM 3800 Series 2 or Series 3 engines?

I'm in the midst of a Brunton Classic R 3800 NA build and I'm at that point where I have to go buy an oil filter housing for my L26/series 3 engine. If you've been through this you'll remember that on the shopping list for the 3800 V6 NA (or the supercharged version for that matter), it more or less says "get any Buick V6 oil filter housing from the salvage yard for $15" - all except the one I have, I guess, which is off a 2007 Buick LaCrosse IIRC, and doesn't work because it interferes with the alternator belt routing.

In my research into Buick oil filter housings I've found many variations on the theme - filter tilted forward, backward, shifted upward etc - but nothing that looks as though it would definitely fit. I've considered making or even buying an adapter plate (somewhat expensive from and using a filter relocation kit to get the filter out of the way, but I can't help thinking there's an easier solution.

Here's my dilemma in pictures: the housing I have fits inside the frame just fine, and won't interfere with the suspension, but it doesn't play nicely with the alternator belt. Any recommendations/part numbers appreciated. I've posted this over on the forum too.

Stalker V6 Oil Filter Housing Altern13
Stalker V6 Oil Filter Housing Oil-fi10



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