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First track day for #22!

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First track day for #22! Empty First track day for #22!

Post by XL22 on Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:10 am

Went out to Motorsports Ranch in Cresson (MSR-C) for XL #22's inaugural track session.  I only ran two sessions just because it's so hot in TX right now, and I needed to be back home by lunch.  Since it's also been almost 2 years since I've been out to MSR-C, a "toe in the water" approach for this first track day seemed like a good idea.  The timing of it also works out nicely as a quick shakedown before LOG35 next week.  The car felt great - very balanced and neutral.  Performance was amazing; the sound was intoxicating.  Oil & water temp were fine.  Tires were at 20 psi, but I think I'll go for 18-19 next time based on the tread wear.

There was only one embarrassing hiccup: in a breaking zone leading up to the slow section of the 1.7 CW configuration, the engine started to stumble affraid, which was an absolutely heart-stopping experience at this stage of #22's life.  I was able to nurse it around one corner back to the hot pit, at which point the engine shut down.  A worker says, "Hey, your air cleaner came off!".  They roll me 15 feet into the shade, and I open the hood.  Sure enough, the air filter & a 4" tube with the MAF sensor had completely slipped out of the silicone coupler.  (How it's gone 500+ miles without issues is beyond me).   Thankfully, the assembly was laying gently on the frame and wasn't dragged under the car.  Got it put back together, tightened up the remaining strap clamps on the intake assembly, and she fired back up.


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First track day for #22! Empty Re: First track day for #22!

Post by Ted FM 13 on Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:43 pm

Anyone have any setup info they'd share?

I have a friend with a race shop that I'll visit soon and post whatever I learn from him. He was CART's Mechanic of the Year when he ran Dario's Kool Car in '98. He should have some good input for us.

BTW, I run on Sonoma (Infineon), Laguna and Thunderhill.
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