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Use Arm Restraints

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Use Arm Restraints Empty Use Arm Restraints

Post by XL22 on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:42 pm

At LOG35, Jim Roberts (winner of 220 of 280 races according to his intro at the Track Day driver's meeting) made a special commentary about the necessity of using arm restraints in both open top cars and cars with removable tops.  To illustrate the point, he mentioned two accidents: 1.  A driver rolled his car, which crushed his arm, and it was later amputated.  2. A driver rolled his car, his arm was forcibly removed, and sadly, he lost too much blood and did not survive.

$30 arm restraints may have prevented both of these issues.

So, do you & your passenger/instructor a favor and buy 2 sets of arm restraints.

They simply attach to your harness system and have a tether that clips to a strap that you wrap around your forearm.   Straps are adjustable, and they allow enough movement to give passing signals if you need to.  I kept the passenger side restraints & the driver's ride side very short; only the driver's left side is long enough to allow a hand signal.
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Use Arm Restraints Empty Re: Use Arm Restraints

Post by Brian Degulis on Thu Oct 08, 2015 10:56 pm

Good advice the crow brand is the best one I found. The problem with them is that if you track your car and run intermdiate or novice they want point by's for passing which is not possible with restraints.


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Use Arm Restraints Empty Re: Use Arm Restraints

Post by Ted FM 13 on Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:19 pm

Absolutely agree. Raced a Formula Mazda for 12 years with SCCA and Formula Car Challenge and they both required arm restraints. And this is a car with cockpit sides compared to our car with no cockpit sides. We are nothing more than a rag doll in a violent crash. Makes me realize how vulnerable we are in these old classic designs.

Points by were not a problem for either side in a formula car but obviously would be a problem in our cars pointing by to the right side.
Ted FM 13
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Use Arm Restraints Empty Re: Use Arm Restraints

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