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Step 5: Rear Differential and Axles

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Step 5: Rear Differential and Axles Empty Step 5: Rear Differential and Axles

Post by Stalker Guru on Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:07 pm

Rear differential and axles guide.

The rear differential can be inserted from the rear. Place a jack underneath the area the where the differential sits and set it level with the bottom of the car. Insert the differential from the rear, and allow to rest on the jack. Use the jack to lift the differential into position. Hand thread in the rear 14mm bolts with washers and thread lock. Tighting the bolts almost all the way. This should lift the front of the differential into position. Insert the 1/2" bolt through the front mount with washers and lock nut. Tighten everything down.

To install the rear axles, you need to remove the 5/8" bolt from the upper ball joint on the spindle, and sometimes the toe rod as well. This will allow the spindle to rotate out of the way.
The axles are two different lengths. The short one goes on the drivers side, the long on the passenger. Insert the axle into the differential. It sometimes needs a little extra push but the axle should "click" into place. NEVER tap on the threads with a metal hammer. Then insert the outer cv into the spindle untill the splines line up and start to pull through. Bolt the spindle back into place. Using a 36mm deep axle socket, tighten the axle down to 160 ft lbs. Repeat for the the other side.
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