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Step 3:Flywheel and Pilot Bearing

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Step 3:Flywheel and Pilot Bearing Empty Step 3:Flywheel and Pilot Bearing

Post by Stalker Guru on Tue May 12, 2015 2:18 pm

Step 3: Install pilot bearing into crankshaft and bolt on the flywheel using the supplied bolts.
The flywheel bolts are "Torque to Yield". They can only be used once.
1. Hand tighten all 8 bolts
2. In a crossing pattern torque to 12 ft lbs.
3. In a crossing pattern, torque them another 50-60 degrees. You can use a special torque wrench for this or, place a mark on the flywheel at the point of one vertex. Then rotate until the next vertex almost reaches that mark.

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