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Scott Minehart Dialed in my Classic Stalker

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Scott Minehart Dialed in my Classic Stalker Empty Scott Minehart Dialed in my Classic Stalker

Post by AstroBob on Tue Feb 27, 2018 3:06 am

This past weekend at South Georgia Motorsports Park, I finally got to test my 2012 Classic Stalker #156 after Scott Minehart had worked on the suspension and braking systems of the car in an autocross event. All I can say is "Wow, what a difference in performance". It was really almost like driving a new car. It will take some getting used to but that is some of the fun.

What I am most impressed with is that Scott continues to support a platform that he no longer makes but knows so well as he fabricated a bunch of the chassis that went into the later Brunton Stalkers. He just simply knows what to do and how to accomplish what needs to be done to get the car into original spec even if the original assembler of the kit was unaware of some setup issues.

We in the Stalker community are very fortunate that we continue to have Scott as a resource in his latest shop in Clearwater, Florida.

As an aside, Scott, his son Zack and his mother and father were at the event and were spanking most of those folks at the meet with their autocross version of their Stalker. It might seem odd that Scott's almost 10 year-old son is my basic competition and we now use each other as our prime competitor. Zack in his go-cart and me in a 3.8 SC Classic Stalker with slicks. That kid is competitive and I have to do everything I can to outrun him. Like the last time that we met up, I only caught and beat his time in my final run. That kid is a born autoxer like his grandparents, father and uncle. Guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.


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Scott Minehart Dialed in my Classic Stalker Empty Re: Scott Minehart Dialed in my Classic Stalker

Post by Ted FM 13 on Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:27 pm

Great to hear. I echo your sentiments about Scott's integrity and support.
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