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SuperStalker #65 for sale

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SuperStalker #65 for sale Empty SuperStalker #65 for sale

Post by chrisc on Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:15 pm

After four years of fun, I might part with the car and find a new project. We have had a lot of runs on backroads of Vancouver Island. We have driven about 7 or 8k miles.

The car is registered as a 2012 and could easily be shipped stateside or across Canada. I just posted some pics at [url=]

The engine is a 2004 L32 that had 60k miles in an automatic Grand Prix (low stress and very clean). The World Class T5 came from a 2000 Firebird with 40k miles. The axle was reconditioned by Brunton and has the LSD they supplied. A hydraulic throw-out bearing and Spec clutch was fitted. The front brakes are Wildwood and the rears are the disc conversion suggested by Stalker Cars.

The chassis is the upgraded original design with modifications as per Stalker recommendations, has a full front/back/Tbar roll cage and is powder coated.

We have much envied Odyssey2 seats imported from the UK, with 5-point belts. The car has a functional trunk because we fitted a customized aluminum fuel tank. It has Hushpower mufflers and 3" turnouts just ahead of the rear wheels - throaty but comfortable! The windshield is raked (inspired by the M-Spec) and full cage height - dramatically less wind than the traditional set-up.

New Gaz shocks were added last spring. Tires are 2015/50/15 Falken Azenis in very good shape

Generally, a pretty tidy build - if I say it myself. I benefitted from first tearing #16 apart and rebuilding/modifying it. #65 then took only 6 months while working full+-time!

"The Yellow Car" is fun. If no-one wants it now, we will go on enjoying it. If someone wants it enough, I will move to a new project.


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SuperStalker #65 for sale Empty Stalkers in Canada

Post by AstroBob on Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:50 am


I would think that #65 would be in high demand in Canada given that there is a current ban on their import into your country. Have you had much success marketing your Stalker to fellow Canadians? Bob


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