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SB-100 and out of state built cars

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SB-100 and out of state built cars Empty SB-100 and out of state built cars

Post by Ted FM 13 on Sun Dec 20, 2015 3:57 pm

Edit: This is my experience registering an AZ titled road legal car in California; specifically the Carmichael DMV office.

I just got a title and plates from DMV in one day last Friday.  It was incredibly easy once the clerk understood it was a completed car and not a new kit with no history.  I'm not entirely sure she did it all correctly.  more on that later.  

I bought a 2012 built Super Stalker that was AZ registered/titled.  I went thru all the reference material I could find on how to register this car, including the DMV instructions and car club summaries.  Everything I  read and everyone I talked to seemed to say the same thing and it all focused on the SB-100 process.  Nowhere did I find any direct statements or indirect connotations that I did not need to go thru the SB-100 process to get title/license in CA.    Of course this is CA and it makes sense that CA would not trust another state to say the car is road worthy, never mind the smog requirements.  But apparently that is how it came down.  

The back story:  There are very few clerks who have gone thru the SB-100 titling process (there are over 500 DMV offices (probably 25,000+ clerks) in the state and for the last several years, less than 500 kit cars built per year.)  So what are the odds that I'll find a clerk who has recently done this and is up to speed?  Yeah......that's what I said too, so when I went in to the DMV, I told the clerk I needed to register a kit car per SB-100.  I showed her the DMV memo # that she could refer to and also the DMV instructions and a lengthy car club summary on how the process should work.  She of course had to go to her supervisor who, contrary to everything I understood and had been told, said I had to first go to CHP for a vehicle inspection/verification.   I told her that I needed a sequence # that only the Sacramento central office could assign and that the number was assigned at the beginning of the process (1st visit to DMV office).  She said no, that she had done this before and I had to go to CHP first (with nothing to prove I'd been to the DMV office).  

She was getting a little impatient with my insistence and my referring to the car club (not DMV) summary which said in no uncertain terms (big red bold letters) that I should not leave DMV without the SB-100 (sequence) #.   So I was out of ammunition with her and she walked away.  The little clerk issued me a one day driving permit.  I told her I didn't need it since the car was still licensed in AZ and I had insurance on it in my name.   "Oh" she said, "in that case, we can just transfer the title after you get the car verified right here using the AZ issued VIN # etc. And since the DMV memo you referred me to says you can be smog exempt, we're good"   I was skeptical but I went home, got the car, got it verified (which is not a safety inspection), went back in, paid my sales and use taxes etc. and had plates and a title in 20 minutes.  Go figure.  

A couple of  questions I have about whether this all went down correctly is the smog requirement determination and keeping the AZ VIN #.  Everything I read said that smog could be exempt based on the year and body style of the replica;  never mind what the engine really was.  But that smog exemption had to be determined and approved by a state "Smog Referee"  and could not be determined by a clerk in the DMV licensing office.   And the VIN # on the title says "AZ_____".   Now I'm assuming (hoping) that everyone in the DMV is too busy or uninformed to question the title transfer as it went down.  It would seem the AZ VIN # should be the red flag.  So, we shall see.

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