Power steering vs manual steering

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Power steering vs manual steering

Post by Ted FM 13 on Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:42 pm

I have a 2012 Super Stalker kit; one of the last of Dennis' original designs, I believe.  It has a 87 Chevette rack and pinion.  

I wasn't thrilled with the feel of power steering so I tried manual steering (fresh reman rack).   It was 1) OK on the street; 2) kinda stiff and a PITA up in the twisty bits in the hills at speed and 3) totally unworkably stiff on the track at speed.  I'm not a small guy and raced a standard Formula Mazda with a manual rack for 12 years and never gave steering a thought.  So I never expected this SS manual rack to be too stiff and hard to turn to the point of distraction on track.  

Now for comparison, the Formula Mazda carried 270# (wet on track) on each front tire whereas the SS is about 450#on each front tire.  the tires are the same:  GY 475 7x9 racing slicks set to 20# hot.  The steering ratio is about the same; the SS steering wheel is maybe slightly larger diameter.  

What's up with that?  is the extra 180# on each tire the only difference and the reason for the extra effort?   Anyone have a similar experience and went to or back to power steering?   or you're perfectly happy with the steering feel and effort at speed on track at 1.3-1.5 lateral G's ?  And if so, where did your rack come from?  

Just wondering what else might need to be considered. I'll call Sweet (https://sweetmfg.biz/home.php) next, just thought I'd check in here first.
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