Step 3: Suspension

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Step 3: Suspension

Post by GMinehart on Tue May 10, 2016 1:07 pm

Front suspension.

The front suspension uses the Tie rods and lower ball joint from the Miata.
Updates from the Video,
We now use 2 bushing halfs with the sleeve inside instead of shimming.
The upper ball joint uses 16mm RH jam bolts instead of LH thread jam nuts.  
New fender stay design bolts to the steering knuckle, and bottom caliper bolt.

Rear Suspension.

First thing with your rear spindle you will need to do is press out the upper rubber bushing, and instal the supplied polyurethane bushing.
Next, located the lower mounting holes. These are about 14mm. These need to be drilled out to 5/8" on each side. Then, insert the supplied 5/8" outside diameter tube through the spindle.
These 2 modifications allow the spindle to accept the appropiate 1/2" diameter bolts.


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